Šeberov - City District of Prague 4

The Šeberov community, now city district of Prague 4 - Šeberov includes two historic settlements. One is called Šeberov and the other Hrnčíře. Since 1 July 1974, the community has been part of the capital city of Prague and in 1991 it was granted the status of city district.

The landmarks of Šeberov are especially the St. Prokop Church in Hrnčíře, the court next to the market place in Hrnčíře, court and former fortress of the Šeberovský family, the historical granary in Šeberov and the statue of St. John of Nepomuk in Šeberov.

Šeberov is situated in beautiful natural environment and surrounded by ponds. Only one main road is going through the community so that it is protected from the noise of the metropolis. Several city mass transportation bus lines are brought to the location which facilitates and speeds up transportation to the Opatov metro station on the line C. From the station, the center of Prague can be reached within 10 minutes. For car transportation, the best choice is to use the D1 high way which goes at a small distance from the locality.

In the center of Šeberov, there is kindergarten, police station and a municipal office, and a business and entertainment center is located nearby. The community has a population of 2,452 inhabitants.

The prestige locality is a building site of a complex of family houses. It is planned to build 22 two-storey family houses with garages in the place. The whole complex is built in a uniform style in order not to interfere with the character of the community.