The projects are intended for new constructions of family houses on the cadastral area of Šeberov.

Family House

The family house is a stand-alone, no-basement building of categories 4+1 till 6;1, with an attic and a saddle roof.

The building can be accessed with the main gateway or with backyard doors from the terraces. The daily zone of the family house is situated on the second floor. The attic is solved as a rest zone of the apartment.

The dwelling rooms have wooden lamella floors. Toilets, bathrooms and corridors are paved with ceramic tiles. The sanitary facilities and the kitchen are lined in ceramics up to 2 meters of height.

The foundation is made of plain B20 concrete. The construction will be walled with Supertherm ceramic blocks (bearing walls and non-bearing walls).

The bearing walls are made of ceramic blocks SUPERTHERM 36,5 P+D. Partition walls are walled with 14 P+D masonry. The pillar masonry uses SUPERTHERM burnt bricks with solidity class P20 (CO light brick) on cement mortar.

The ceilings are designed from the Jistrop system of the company SUPERTHERM, from Miako support beams and arch supporters.

Arching over holes in partition walls is of type Jistrop 145/71.

Arching over holes in bearing walls is of type Jistrop 238.

The staircase body is monolithic iron-concrete with concrete stairs.

The ceiling and wall on the third floor are made of plasterboard plates on a steel grate.

Combustion products are led away in chimney body of the company Schiedel.

The roof frame is designed with as a wooden frame with steel purlins.

The roof construction is a saddle roof or hip roof with burnt roof tiles.

The enclosure wall is lined with facade polystyrene of 80 mm of thickness. Rafters are interlaced with thermal insulation Rotaflex with an aluminium foil of 160 mm of thickness.

Internal plasters are made as smooth white coat on the core. External plasters are made as system heat cladding.

The building supporting wall will be lined with artificial stone attached on stainless anchors.

Windows will be wooden Euro windows, oak, Diterm glass with coefficient k=1.1 and safety glass Conex from the outer side. The doors will also be wooden Sapelli casing doors.


for parking vehicles is situated on the border of the plot as a stand-alone or double garage. The RD1 type has the garage connected to the house with a separate entrance. The garage foundation is made of plain B20 concrete. The building will be walled with Supertherm ceramic block (bearing and non-bearing walls).
The bearing walls will be made of ceramic blocks SUPERTHERM 30 P+D.
The roof frame is designed as a wooden frame with top rafter. The ceiling is made from plasterboard plates on a steel grate.
The gate on the drive way to the plot is electrically-driven and remote-controlled.


The house will be heated with a gas boiler Buderus G 124-20 completed with a heater TUV SU 200. The whole building will be heated with Radik plate heating bodies. Kitchens, bathrooms and selected dwelling rooms have floor hot-water heating (or heating ladder). The distribution is made from reticulated PE Sikom.

Water Distribution

Drinking water distribution occurs in plastic pipes from a water supply connection as well as sewerage and electrical installation. Warm service water is prepared in a container heater.
All indirectly ventilated rooms are ventilated with PVC tubes.

Low-Voltage Distribution

The connection is done from a pillar in fence the where the main switchboard is located.

Voltage: - 3 PEN central 50Hz/400V/TN-C (supply)
- Protection against dangerous contact will be performed according to ČSN 33 2000.4.41
- Basic: automatic disconnection of supply